My Story

For many years I have had the privilege of helping our grandparents through the up and downs of getting older.


One thing I noticed was the sad fact that they were living for the medical establishment. Not so they were worshiping their doctor. But, the “treatments” compounded the existing issues and all they did was sit around waiting for the next appointment. Not to mention all their funds were going to all those treatments.


Their conditions and treatments were in the way of living, no more exploring, no more busyness, no more fun.


I decided that way of life wasn't for me, I want to “die with my boots on”. I want to be able to garden, hit the trails, explore museums, travel, and have the mental capacity to continue my life long exploration into the past with family history.


In other words, I want to enjoy my golden years.


I realized if I wanted to be healthier than my grandparents when I'm their age, I needed to do healthier things as I get there.


I've learned over the years how stress, whether physical, chemical, or emotional, leads to disfunction illness and dis-ease.


To be healthy we don't need to focus on waging war on all the health complaints that are prevalent these days.


Health comes naturally when we create an environment that eliminates and relieves the stressors and the toxic overload they cause on the body.

Health is accomplished naturally with a healthy lifestyle.

I am not talking of a “diet” or some complicated regiment too impossible to maintain. 


Combining clean eating, herbal remedies, & green living into easy, cost-effective solutions; I empower you with easy cost-effective solutions to herbal and natural living solutions  This is your Natural Health Lifestyle, just the way God intended. 

                                Start down your natural path today,

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Village Herbalist,

Colonial Texas Reenactments

Bringing back "Old School", the way my G-G-G-Grandmother did it. 

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Lucy Penelope Roberts Shell 


Lucy, my great, great-grandmother, was the family herbalist. She tended to the health of her children and grandchildren until her death in 1951. 

It's been said she learned her craft from uncle-in-law, Dr. Maybry Jennings. They both lived in Williamson County, Texas.


I work to bring back recipes of days gone by, influenced by her & elders of today.