Walking meditation ~ A Great Addition to Your Healthy Life

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

How to practice walking meditation?

Walking meditation is the practice of mindful walking. When walking you place your entire awareness in the process of walking. Walking meditation is a more practical approach to mindful meditation for people who are not used to meditating while sitting. Today I will give you three steps on how to practice walking meditation.

Step one

Find an unobstructed space where you can walk for about 10 feet. It is also recommended to walk barefoot as it brings more awareness to what happens in the body when you're walking.

Bring your awareness down to your feet notice the sensations here.

Shift your weight from your left leg to your right leg.

Step two

As you shift your weight from your leg to leg lift your head and look straight ahead and hold your chest high.

You can hold your hands loosely to the side or clasp them behind your back. Now begin the process of walking extend the leg forward and notice the weight redistribution.

Step three

As the weight shifts forward notice how the heels of your left leg begin to lift. Swing the next leg forward in repeat.

At the end of the walking path come to a complete stop and take a deep mindful breath. Now turn around and walk to the other side following the same practice.

To start with, practice mindful walking for 5 minutes and gradually increase your duration.

Why Mindful Walking

“Walking is man's best medicine. ” ― Hippocrates

You might be asking what the benefit is in mindful walking. Mindfulness is the practice that's becoming popular to reduce stress. One activity that almost anyone can do is mindful walking.

Walking meditation is a way to practice moving without a goal or intention. For many, this is a more practical way to relax versus sitting quietly with their eyes closed. Mindful walking can help us be present at the moment and focus on the happiness around us. Mindful walking simply means walking while being mindful of each step and of our breath.

It can be done anywhere where. You can be alone with nature or with others in an office. The point is to shift your attention to what is around you. Walking around for about 5 minutes & acknowledge any experiences that arise this may be a sensation such as the wind or feeling the ground change under your feet or it may be a feeling of boredom or contentment. As each experience arises to your awareness, acknowledge it & let it go. You can stop mindful walking whenever you wish. There is not a set time limit.

Mindful walking has many benefits, not only is there the physical benefit of walking in itself; but mindful walking can reduce blood pressure and

rate, it can create feelings of well-being, improve sleep moon and stress.

More information More information about mindful walking can be looked up. Satipatthana Sutta is a widely studied discourse in Buddhism, acting as the foundation for contemporary meditation practice.

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