Herbalism for Health where do I even begin?

Updated: Feb 14

How do I get started in herbalism? Herbal medicine seems so complicated to even start. I wouldn't even know where to begin with using herbs in everyday health. I get it.

How Do you find the knowledge of everyday herbalism?

Using Herbs for your health seems so complicated, so daunting. But, today I will pinpoint where to start in your herbal path starting right now.

As a master herbalist who's been working with herbs for many years I get this question a lot. How do you gain so much knowledge about using herbs for health? Where do you even start?

The place to start is always at the beginning, and the beginning of anything is gathering the know-how of the subject, right?

I mean, how do you drive without learning the systems of the car and the rules of the road? It’s just won't happen and that is the same for herbalism.

You have to have some knowledge of herbs and how to use them before you can begin to use them. So that is the obvious place we'll start today.


Books are a great place to start that is because they are tangible.

They are something you hold, thumb through, something you can read, & reread over & over. As many times as you need.

Most books are writable (think highlighting passages). When you find something of importance you can pull forth that information for future scanning with highlighting.

Books are file-able. As you get into a subject of interest you will find yourself collecting different books from different authors which have different points of reference and articulations giving you a wide variety of points on the subject at hand. In this case Herbal Health.

I say book because for the most part books are vetted somewhat and you can put more of a trust in the author of a book over what you find on the internet. Especially if the author is sourcing the information they are giving you.

Some authors I trust and you might want to look for are Rosemary Gladstar, Susan Weed, Steven Horne, James A. Duke, or Matthew Wood. This is not an exhaustive list by any means but it will give you a great start in your journey of herbalism. If you would like more information on what books I use or recommend Check out My Herbal Book Shelf

Wait! No need to rush off to those big book stores to buy all the books of these authors. Check out your local library, find book swaps, ask friends, and even ook through resale shops. This way you can browse before you buy and you just might get it at a good deal.


Another great place to find information on herbs and their uses is the internet. We all know that the information on the internet is always right, right? Wrong.

One of the good things and bad things about the internet is that people can put whatever they want on the world wide web with virtually no repercussions. I know it’s odd that I say this being that is where you find me, but the viewer beware.

As long as you use common sense guidelines you should be in good hands. The number one thing to look for when judging information is the author’s or the page’s reputation. Does the page look nice, can you find any information about the author of the content?

Is the information presented by a professional (like me) or is it information given by Great Aunt Suzy some 20 years ago. Not that I’m discounting Aunie or even putting myself on a pedestal but source and safety are key when it comes to herbalism and herbal medicine.

If you can’t find the source of the information or other herbalists that make the same conclusions then be wary of the info you are looking to collect. This will get easier as you learn more about individual herbs and their abilities through knowledge & use.

Internet information can range from simple lists, articles, blogs, or videos like what I create on Youtube & Odysee.com

Formal Educations

You can gain knowledge through How to’s, courses, classes, and schools.

Many holistic health-minded businesses hold mini-courses or how-to classes on different herbal subjects in their community. These classes can range in subject and execution but your local health business would be a good place to look for these simple moments of education.

There are several herbalists & herbal schools out there that have good information on starting herbalism. Check out the courses through Bekka's Planet. This could be a good way to jump into herbalism because of the structure of learning to keep you on track and focused on learning in a systematic way. This is especially good for those that seem to squirrel a bit when it comes to focusing on learning new things.

But again step back and really focus on what you are looking for in your herbal education & the quality of the place you are looking.

For instance, is the course you're looking at one of those warehouse learning centers? You know the places. This is where you can find thousands of courses on just about any subject for only a few dollars.

Is the school or educator on their stand-alone website where you can find information on what they teach Can you view their teaching style in different formats (think articles and videos). There is nothing worse than spending good money on some education & it is not conducive to your learning style. That would just be a waste of your investment.

That is exactly why I created Bekka’s Planet to provide simple courses. I’m here to walk you through the basics of herbalism when it’s convenient to you. I am here to guide you on how herbalism is actually cost-effective, giving you simple methods to manage your health daily at home.

But there are other courses out there that would provide for different needs. For instance, if you want to jump into holistic health with a herbal focus as a professional, you are a self-starter & you’re looking for a correspondence course that you can work on it as you go; might I suggest my alma mater Genesis School of Natural Health?

On the other hand, if you need that hands-on classroom experience then the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism might be a better fit.

The point is whatever you are looking for; the information is out there you just need to take a step & start doing it. This is the only way you will ever accomplish whatever you are looking to do.

I hope this information is helpful to you. I will see you again soon. Until then...

Get healthy, be happy & herbal on,

What's the next step? Staying or getting healthy is not all that complicated, I mean really! Here's my free health tips for your whole family.

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