Making New Habits to Better Your Life

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

In a Natural Health Lifestyle, you are always looking for ways to better yourself, your family, your environment & your planet. One way to do this is to look at your habits, especially your bad ones.

Habits are acquired from training, influences, observance, and practice. We acquire a lot of habits throughout our life, which some are good & others are… um, no so good.

The good habits we should keep, but if someone wants to better their life the poor habits must take a hike. Eliminating bad habits however isn't simple, especially if there is a dependency is involved. For this reason, we’ll learn how to change habits.

Some individuals wander through life making excuses. I know we’ve all met them. Anytime an individual sees something complicated, they'll frequently make excuses for why they can't deal with the issue.

This is a rough-cut problem in the world, which we’ve all heard hundreds of times. If you're out to better your life, you need to start with your thinking.

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking. -Albert Einstein

The first key to success is to quit making excuses. You can commit to this by choosing a fresh habit.

Example: Today I'm going to quit judging other people & myself. This is a common error individuals make in the world. They spend time labeling other people & themselves. This gets them nowhere but in a world of chaos. Believe me, this was one of my bad behaviors that I work to change daily.

Do you think negatively? Do you say things like “I can’t alter this.”; “My life is full of Funk!”; “I can’t swing it any longer.”; “Why me?”

If you spend your life believing negative & stating negative ideas, it’s time to attempt changing your ways starting today.

You can start by stating, I may change something & I'm going to. Rather than stating life is full of funk, accept it as truth yet move forward to make your life better.

Once you begin to make changes to improve your life, begin small. Rather than going all out, take little steps to success. Remember to give yourself a K.I.S.S. Keeping It Simple Sticks! Too many times individuals try to change everything overnight. This only leads to frustration.

When you're working to alter your life & habits make certain you seek support & feedback. You don't have to walk the road to success alone. Feedback can be found at your library, the Net, at colleges, on Bekka's Natural Health Lifestyle Group. Ask somebody you trust to support you and provide you with feedback as well.

Get healthy, be happy & herbal on,

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