Ditch & Switch ~ Tips for a Healthier Life Naturally

Updated: Sep 1

Today I wanted to bring up a topic that I’m asked about all the time. What item or items to get rid of first when changing to a healthier lifestyle? What do I recommend to support the switch to safer natural products; keeping it from getting complicated and pricey?

Since I help you to make easy cost-effective changes for yourself and your family here it is, the dirt on your ditch & switch. What to substitute once you decide to convert to a Natural Health Lifestyle?

I know, you’ve heard about BPA and plastics leaching into foods, you understand your personal care products need a makeover and you need to clean up your cleaning supplies. Not to mention your food. You need to clear out your pantry & rework all your favorite recipes. Ugh, it's all overwhelming!

Not so fast! That sounds a little much, doesn’t it?

First off, A Natural Health Lifestyle is not an all-or-nothing commitment to change. The goal is to always look for upgrades and things to make your health better not to overwhelm you.

What good is it to undertake a large change all at once in a topic you are not all that knowledgeable in? What you’ll end up doing is creating stress on yourself and your wallet. Definitely, a more toxic environment, don’t you think?

Identify your commitment

The first thing you’ll want to do is define what you are committing to & why.

If you do not know what your commitment is, then how will you know when you’ve become successful in the changes you're looking to make? And, defining why you are making these changes will give you the reason to go on when you want to give up.

Plot your Course of Action

The best way to deal with a natural healthy lifestyle or any life changes is to work in steps. Work with where you are & make plans from there. You just bought groceries this week. Great eat them. That will give you time to come up with a plan for your next grocery trip.

Identify your Deficiencies

Your overall goal is to clean your pantry & change your eating habits to include mostly nutrient-dense foods (this is your commitment). But it would be a large less due-able step to go from the canned cranberries at Thanksgiving to a grocery basket of organic vegetables. And that’s ok. Now you know that you need to educate yourself on better food choices & recipes to use them so you can enjoy those good foods.

This is a great start to your lifestyle changes. With this foundation, you will be ready to take on the world. Just remember to focus on where you are at with each step.

Do your best right here, right now, and forget about the rest.

Get Healthy, Be Happy, & Herbal On,

~Looking for more on this subject? Check out this video

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