Creating the Vision of Change ~ The Vision Board

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

When committing to change from the standard American lifestyle to a Natural Hath Lifestyle, you will be looking at a LOT of changes.

Last week we learned about how it's important to define your commitment (read about it ) and view these commitments often to refresh your motivation.

This week we will investigate a way to view your commitments by creating your vision of change with The Vision Board.

How to Create a Vision Board

Vision boards are a great way to keep yourself focused and directed towards a purpose while satisfying your creative bug. Here is an easy way to make a simple vision board and start working toward your goals today.

Make your Intentions Clear:

It is important to identify what your goal and intention are first; that is, what do you want to achieve and how do you see yourself getting there? What kind of feelings do you expect to encounter along the way, & how will you feel when you have accomplished it? Be sure of what you want & write it down.

Collect the Supplies:

Many of the supplies you need for your vision board you may have just lying around the house.

~ Blank art book or Posterboard

~ Glue or some type of adhesive

~ Markers, pens, or paints

~ Colorful or plain paper

~ Magazines, newspapers, books that can be cut up, and journals

~ Scissors

Create your Space to Create:

It is important to create a comfortable and open space to make your board. You want to be able to spread out & see everything that you have, like on the floor or a big table. You can also create an ambient environment by playing some of your favorite music and lighting some candles to relax & tap into your positive energies.

Choose Wisely

Use words & images to which you can easily relate & that will help motivate you toward your goal. You can cut out the images from magazines and newspapers or use some of your own photos. All of them should be appealing & attractive to you in one way or the other.

Affix your Vision

Go through the images & words you chose, select your favorites, and paste them on the board or sheet in a way that reflects your feelings & intentions.

Before pasting them try to arrange them in the way that you want, & then attach them.

*Never choose images or words that may have a negative impact on your feelings or make you feel unmotivated about your goals.

Enjoying Your Vision Often

Your vision board should serve as a reminder for you, so you should place or hang it somewhere visible where you can easily connect to it. Your bedroom or bathroom mirror is a great place, or in your kitchen.

Notice & Heal

Note your feelings when you look at your board when you think about working toward and reaching your goal. Note any resistance or negative feelings; work to find the underlying reasons and resolve them as you journey toward your goal.

Vision boards do not have to be big or time-intensive. Make one today for a goal you have been aiming for and see how it can help you get where you want to be in life.

Creating a Vision Board of your own? Come show us your amazing work. Join us at Bekka's Natural Health Lifestyle Group. This is a like-minded community for support in your journey to health, naturally. 

Have an awesome week, see you again soon. Until then get healthy, be happy & Herbal on,

P.S. Looking for more on how to make a vision board? Check out this video on how I made mine: Finding Motivation Through Creating a Vision Board

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