We Are Designed To Thrive in Our Environment

Updated: Sep 1

Every moving thing that liveth shall be for meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things. Genesis 9:3

Yes, we have been given everything we need to thrive in our mind, body spirit & personal environment. We’ve known this! For thousands of years, we’ve used plants for food, flavoring, beauty, medicine & anything else we needed in life. We are now far too removed from this natural way of life & we are reaping the consequences of these negative changes.

We are designed to thrive in our environment

We need to find our way back to using herbs in our life & especially for our health.

What is an herb & what is herbal medicine?

The definition of an herb is a plant or plant parts whether the leaves, seeds, flowers, fruit, roots, fragrance, or energy that benefit humans. So herbal medicine is using natural substances like herbs to manage our health. This is the way we were designed to function & thrive.

“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food” Hippocrates

Herbs have been used since the beginning as food & medicine. There are many

plants that produce positive changes in the body inducing healing throughout the body. Observations of these benefits have been passed down for generations, with each generation adding to & refining the knowledge base of their local plants.

Every culture in the world has developed a base of herbal knowledge in this same way.

For generations now we have been wrongly sold that to stay healthy we must succumb to man-made inventions if we want to live a long life. This propaganda has damaged every aspect of life, for us humans and for every creature that calls home near us.

Now that we are seeing the damaging consequences of these chemical-laden products it’s time to take steps to rectify this issue. Today I give you the first step to creating your own solutions for your natural health lifestyle. This is the step of awareness.

We do not need damaging chemicals to survive. We are designed to thrive in our environment. And can easily do so with plants and other natural ingredients.

Get healthy, be happy, & herbal on,

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