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Hello, It's Me

I started down my own path of a natural health lifestyle years ago after giving my children yet another breathing treatment for their asthma.

One was sitting there stoned staring at the air while the other was literally climbing the wall. I realized this stuff wasn't solving the problem just masking the symptom while creating nasty side effects. Not to mention what was I doing to their overall health?!

That's when I decided I was going to find something different, something better. That's when I stumbled into the world of herbalism & holistic health. 

We now tend to most of our household issues at home, the way we were designed to. Naturally.


Today I help moms gain control over their family's health at home with clean eating, herbal remedies & green living. 


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 Health is the result of making the right choices about what you eat and drink, what activities participate in, & the environment you surround yourself with every day.